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CP Rochester for Family Dental Center

Photo of 5 people standing with a check, Logos of Ability Partners Foundation, CP Rochester text Opening Doors, Enriching Lives Since 1945, Happiness House and Rochester Rehabilitation. Second photo of a person in a dentist chair and a dental hygienist.
Group photo (L-R) : Diane Kozar, VP of Outpatient Clinical Services and Children’s Programs/Physical Therapist; Dawn D’Aversa, Director of Outpatient Clinical Services; Rich Yarmel, Secretary, The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation; Mary Walsh Boatfield, President & CEO; and Darrell Whitbeck, Executive Vice President/COO.

We were delighted to return to CP Rochester with a Grant to support the Family Dental Center. CP Rochester provides a wide range of services to people of all ages in the greater Rochester area including Outpatient Clinical, Residential, Educational and Personal Support Services.

They strive to ensure those they serve safely determine their own pathways in life and live as full members of their communities.  To find out more about this nonprofit, please visit