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CDS Life Transitions/Warrior Salute

Photo of a group of people, three of whom are holding a check.  Image of CDS Life Transitions and Logo of The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation  Image of American Flag.
A group of veterans stand alongside (L-R) Sankar Sewnauth, CDS Life Transitions President and CEO, and Rich Yarmel, Secretary, The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation: and Andrew Sewnath, President and Chief Operating Officer at CDS Life Transitions.

We were happy to return to CDS Life Transitions, Warrior Salute Veteran Services, to present another Grant to support our nation’s veterans.  Through transitional housing and case management, veterans receive several types of assistance during transition back into their community.  Warrior Salute Veteran Services offers all-inclusive, supportive housing services for Veterans at their Nucor House. The program is aimed at providing a strong, supportive community to help veterans reach their personal therapeutic, social, educational and community goals. Transitional housing is open at no cost to male veterans who demonstrate the desire and motivation to benefit from all services offered.