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Image of cats, text Stray Cat Alliance; The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation
Grant Award

Stray Cat Alliance

We were happy to fulfill a Grant request for Stray Cat Alliance so they can continue their life saving efforts. Founded in 2000, Stray Cat Alliance educates and empowers communities to advocate for every cat’s right to be safe, healthy, and valued. Every day, Stray Cat Alliance works to save the lives of helpless kittens and cats by providing spay/neuter, trap-neuter-return (TNR), adoptions, wellness care, medical care, adoption and community shelter support.

Stray Cat Alliance has a facility that provides temporary shelter to kittens and cats awaiting foster and forever homes. At their facility, they also have a clinic that serves the hundreds of cats they have in custody, whether at their shelter or in foster care. Right now, Stray Cat Alliance has over 900 cats in custody, with about 115 on site. Stray Cat Alliance’s goal this year is to find forever homes for 1,800 cats and kittens and serve over 3,000 through their foster/adopt and trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs.

Photo of a lake house, images and logos of Quogue Wildlife Refuge, The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation
Grant Award

Quogue Wildlife Refuge

We were happy to once again fulfill a Grant request from Quogue Wildlife Refuge, in Quogue, NY. Since 1934, the Quogue Wildlife Refuge has been a nature preserve that serves as home to diverse wildlife including some that are permanently injured and require human care to survive. Open 365 days a year, they offer a variety of nature related programs for all ages.

Photo of people sitting at a meeting table, graphic of genetics, people at a donation table, logo and text of 'The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation and Believe In A Cure.
Grant Award

Believe In A Cure

We were happy to support Believe In A Cure with Grant funding. The mission of the organization is to develop a treatment for a rare brain disease called FOXG1 syndrome which has links to Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, and brain tumors and which prevents impacted kids from walking, talking, or doing anything independently while suffering from seizures, a sleep disorder, feeding difficulties, and more (many patients have died from the complexity of these issues). The second part of the mission is to provide support to impacted families.

image of text that says 'The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation Catholic Health St. Joseph Hospital'
Grant Award

St. Joseph’s Hospital Long Island

We were happy to provide Grant funding to St. Joseph’s Hospital. Our funds will be used to purchase a MicroAire® PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction) System and LipoTower to provide best in class treatment options for patients including breast cancer survivors who require reconstructive surgery and patients who need surgical interventions to combat obesity that does not respond well to diet and exercise augmentation.

logo and text for The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation and Michael Magro Foundation
Grant Award

The Michael Magro Foundation

We are happy to provide Grant funding to The Michael Magro Foundation. Their support includes helping families of children battling cancer and other catastrophic illnesses so that the families can focus on their child rather than worrying about where the funds will come from to pay the mortgage/rent, utilities, grocery bill – even co-pays. Also, the Foundation offers programs to aid in transitioning children who have been out of school for significant periods due to illness back into their school program.

To date, the Foundation has raised more than 3.5 million dollars to support children battling cancer and other catastrophic illnesses and their families.

Photos of 6 people holding an oversized check outside of an Emergency room, photos of medical equipment, logos of St. Catherine of Sienna, The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation
Grant Award

St. Catherine of Siena Hospital

We were happy to return to St. Catherine of Siena Hospital to fulfill a Grant request. Grant funds will purchase (1) Stryker Power-Pro transport stretcher and (2) GE Carescape cardiac monitors for use in the newly expanded chest pain evaluation bay. Clinicians need tools to help them quickly identify changes in patient status to determine the appropriate clinical care. The cardiac monitor assists with clinical decision support by providing a patient’s vital signs including heart rate, oxygen level, and blood pressure allowing the attending physician to determine the appropriate level of care quickly and efficiently. The stretchers are designed to reduce the physical strain on clinicians, drive efficiency and enhance patient comfort..

Image of drawing, text and logos Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & support Program 800.877.8077 and logo The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation
Grant Award

Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Group

We were delighted to fulfill a Grant request to Adelphi University/Adelphi Breast Cancer Program. Our funds will be used to facilitate their Creative Arts support group. Discussions help participants discover new ways to gain personal insight and develop much-needed coping skills.  Participants will also complete several creative projects. These projects will help reduce negativity and result in stress reduction.

text Food bank for New York city, photo of person chopping lettuce, apples. Text The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation
Grant Award

Food Bank for New York City

We were delighted to fulfill a Grant request to Food Bank for NYC. Our funds will be used to support their Community Kitchen and Pantry in West Harlem as well as their emergency food distribution efforts. Food Bank’s kitchen prepares hundreds of nutritious and culturally relevant meals throughout the week, and distributes fresh produce and proteins across all of NYC!

Photo of 3 people standing, image of fresh vegetables, logo The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation
Grant Award

The Interfaith Nutrition Network

We were happy to return to INN Interfaith Nutrition Network to fulfill a Grant request. The Mary Brennan INN soup location has been serving families and individuals within the Village of Hempstead and its surrounding community since 1983. Our funds will assist the INN in meeting the challenges of the community’s food insecurity and dealing with the rising costs of food and demand for emergency food.