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Grant Award

FDNY Foundation

We were happy to return to FDNY Foundation to present a Grant. Our funds will be used specifically in the FDNY’s Canine Investigations Unit. With our help, the unit now has five full-time canines that provide a 24 hour on-call service for the entirety of New York’s five boroughs.

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Grant Award

Good Samaritan Hospital

We were delighted to return to Good Samaritan Hospital to fulfil a Grant request. Our funds will be used to start a new program at called ‘Food Insecurity Initiative at Good Samaritan Hospital Emergency Department’. This program will assist patients after they leave the hospital to make sure that they’re nutritionally sound after whatever treatment they received.

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Grant Award

Holiday Lake 4H Educational Center

We were happy to fulfill a Grant request for Holiday Lake 4H Educational Center, located in Appomattox, VA. They have been in operation for over 80 years. Here we see participants investigate an aquatic ecosystem, collect macroinvertebrates, and determine the health of Holiday Lake and the surrounding creeks during an aquatic ecology class at Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center. Second photo shows Jack Wagstaff, Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center’s Natural Resource Education (NRE) Coordinator, talks about forest ecology with campers during 4-H Summer Camp 2022. A lifelong lesson for the participants in appreciating the natural world around them.

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Grant Award

Volunteers For Wildlife, Locust Valley, NY

We were happy to return to Volunteers For Wildlife, located in Locust Valley, NY. Our Grant will be used to support the nutritional needs and medical care given to injured/orphaned wildlife patients in their nursery in 2023. The majority (70%) of the approximately
2,300 patients admitted each year are babies and juveniles, and require specialized diets, trained staff to administer around-the-clock feedings, and careful attention to ensure their successful return to the wild.

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Grant Award

Journey To The Center Of Hope

We were happy to fulfill a Grant request to Journey To The Center of Hope in their inaugural year of operating. JTTCOH helps veterans, their families, and communities break the cycle of shame around mental illness by empowering people to dream, aspire, achieve and that there is still a lot of life and love to experience. Our funds will provide support for Veterans to cope with their PTSD through photography. Studies have confirmed that Veterans taking photographs while in recovery can improve personal reflection and organization of thinking, as well as promote recovery discussions, communication, social support, and sense of purpose.

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Grant Award

Catholic Health Home Care

We were delighted to present Grant funding to Catholic Health Home Care. Today’s Grant supported their OASIS training program to train nurses for specialized home care.

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Grant Award

Angela’s House, Long Island

We were happy to fulfill a Grant Request to Angela’s House located in Medford, New York to support their Everyday Wishes Program. This program will assist families cover the costs of necessary items that insurance and/or Medicaid denies but are critical to ensuring the children they work with have the best quality of life possible. This also includes their Pay it Forward Program, which is a subsidiary.

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Grant Award

ICAN Indiana Canine Assistant Network

We were happy to fulfill a Grant request to ICAN (the Indiana Canine Assistance Network). Our funds will be used to generally support ICAN’s overall mission to provide task-trained, quality service dogs, and also to expand their Veteran support program. Their Veterans Division trains veteran-owned or shelter dogs for Veterans referred to ICAN by the Veterans Administration (VA). ICAN’s service dogs provide independence, access to college, employment or self-employment, and help Indiana children, adults, and veterans break barriers and overcome challenges. ICAN is the only accredited service dog program in Indiana. ICAN unleashes hope on both ends of the leash for adults, children, veterans and the incarcerated; in 2021 alone ICAN served 4,280 Indiana residents living with various physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities.

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Grant Award

Southeastern Guide Dogs

We were delighted to support Southeastern Guide Dogs with Grant funds once again. Our Grant will be used so that one veteran will receive one of their highly trained and loving service dogs. This scholarship will include not only the placement of one of their service dogs, but also the 11 day on-campus training where veterans learn to work with their dog as a team. Southeastern Guide Dogs transforms lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs. They breed, raise, and train elite guide dogs, service dogs, and skilled companion dogs and provide life-changing services for people with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and children with significant challenges. The organization offers premier dogs and lifetime follow-up services at no cost. Since 1982, they have successfully created thousands of guide and service dog teams throughout the U.S. and currently oversee the well-being of over 1,200 puppies and dogs.