The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation Logo

National Mill Dog Rescue

Castle Pines, CO

Logos of NMDR, Lichtman Foundation & photo dog van. Photo of 3 people holding big check & 2 dogs
Pictured are Theresa Strader, Executive Director NMDR; Elaine Hussey for The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation, Kai Schramm.

We were delighted to present a Grant to National Mill Dog Rescue. Based out of Peyton, CO, NMDR rescues breeder dogs from puppy mills throughout the United States. Before NMDR was around these “useless” dogs were destroyed by the puppy mills as they were no longer able to breed successfully. Puppy mills are known for horrible, often brutal, living conditions for dogs and pups. NMDR has rescued over 16,000 dogs, mostly purebred or designer mixes, and found them homes. NMDR gives behavioral training and full vet attention including spay/neuter, tooth extractions and other required procedures prior to the pups being put up for adoption. 

To find out more about this amazing nonprofit, please visit