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Blind Institute of Technology

Four people standing outside with a check. Logo of Blind Institute of Technology, logo of The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation
Pictured left to right: Kristy Schenderlein, Director of Talent; Mike Hess, Founder and CEO of The Blind Institute of Technology; Elaine Hussey for The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation; Michael Scott, President of Colorado Hospital Association Financial Advisors.

We were delighted to present another Grant to The Blind Institute of Technology, located in the Denver Metro area.  The Blind Institute of Technology works to advance the professional opportunities for people with disabilities across the United States. Their message is that professionals with disabilities possess skills and abilities that corporations may have overlooked or have yet to discover. Their strategy is to go directly to the C-suites of corporate America to provide a guiding hand into a successful diverse and inclusive culture, with the end goal to being employment for those who are disabled.  For more information, please visit