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Grant Award Follow-Up

Southeastern Guide Dogs

We were delighted to get a Grant update from SOUTHEASTERN GUIDE DOGS. Our Grant funded a scholarship for a student in their current class receiving

Two people in an office holding a check.
Grant Award

Temple Emanu-El Long Beach

Another Grant fulfilled for a great cause! TEMPLE EMANU-EL of Long Beach, NY received a Grant to fund their “Personal Pouch Project”. The project goals

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Grant Award

St. Catherine of Sienna

We were very happy to present a Grant award to ST. CATHERINE OF SIENNA Nursing & Rehabilitation Care Center to fund their High Acuity Care

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Grant Award Follow-Up

Comfort Food Community

Just in time for Thanksgiving! Our Grant funds are rolling down the highways of Washington County, NY for Comfort Food Community. We are so happy

Six people holding an oversized check in a book warehouse
Grant Award

The Book Fairies

We were delighted to fulfill a Grant request to THE BOOK FAIRIES, INC. The Book Fairies collect reading materials for people in need throughout metropolitan New York,

Two people shaking hands and holding a check, a logo for Dreas Dream The Andrea Rizzo Foundaiton
Grant Award

Dreas Dream The Andrea Rizzo Foundation

Another Grant request fulfilled for THE ANDREA RIZZO FOUNDATION. The Andréa Rizzo Foundation raises funds to support children with cancer and special needs, fostering Andréa’s

Photo of five people in an office holding an oversized check
Grant Award

Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester

It is never too late to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Today, our philanthropy benefited the BREAST CANCER COALITION OF ROCHESTER with fulfilling a Grant

Two people holding an oversized check in front of a banner saying Cancer Support Community
Grant Award

Cancer Support Community Gilda’s Club

Our Philanthropy is in action again, this time with a very special Grant award being made to GILDA’S CLUB, Rochester, part of the CANCER SUPPORT

Photo of several people in a Food Bank holding up a big check
Grant Award

Comfort Food Community

Another fulfilled Grant Request, this time to COMFORT FOOD of Washington County; part of the Comfort Food Community. The CFC mission is to provide access